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Quality Assurance

Jamesprint meets internationally recognised quality control standards with accreditation to ISO 9001:2008.


By utilising the wine industries’ specific internal procedures including label compliance, scuff and water testing through to winding directions and packaging requirements, Jamesprint ensures that our labels are produced to a high standard, to meet the expectations of clients, bottling contractors and consumers. 


Environment and Sustainability

With stringent Environmental Management Systems in place, Jamesprint is committed to the principle of continuous improvement, and prevention of pollution as a result of our production processes.  Jamesprint Pty Ltd has also implemented an Environmental Management System that is strongly linked to ISO 14001.  As a result of our efforts, Jamesprint proudly holds the Sustainable Green Print Accreditation.

Jamesprint’s Environmental Management Team also ensure that all staff are appropriately trained and provided with adequate resources to capably perform their functions within the company. Jamesprint’s employees are responsible for carrying out their defined roles with due regard for the Environment and Workplace Health and Safety.

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